Wanna Be A Guest?

They're Playing Our Song is all about audience participation.  What you think about your favorite song is certainly more important than an impartial review as far as I'm concerned.  Why not share your love of your song with the whole world? I attempt to give our guests as much leeway as possible to let the conversation take them where they want to go.  It's your song, after all.  Still, in order to keep our flow going, I do have a few set questions I tend to come back to.

Interested in being a guest? Email me at rob@playingoursong.net.  I'll ask you for the name of your song, the artist, and any specific version you prefer.  We also typically touch on the following questions if you'd like to come overprepared:

1) Why this song?
2) What do you like about it? The music or the lyrics?
3) What is your favorite part of the song?
4) Do you like other songs by this band?
5) Why is this YOUR song?
6) Why should it be OUR song?

And if you have anything you'd like to plug, we offer free advertising space for our guests.  Just as long as I can plug my own stupid stuff too.

So, have no fear and contact me today.

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