Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Episode 1 Preview - Round Here

Well, the first episode is in the bag.  Since this won't be as interesting if you haven't heard the song, I'll try to remember to send a preview post before every episode.  No idea how long editing, posting the feed, etc. will take yet so expect sporadic release dates for now.

The song for our first episode is "Round Here" by the Counting Crows which you can get on iTunes or Amazon Music. You can also hear the song on streaming services or check out the music video on You Tube down below.

I recommend listening to the song so you have any idea what we're talking about.  Or don't and play a fun mind game in which you nod politely as we blather on about the ephemera of a song you've never heard before.  Either way, I get rich off my little podcast.

We've also got email!! If you're interested in being on the show or giving us feedback, you can email me at rob@playingoursong.net.  Any song, any time, anywhere.  Provided anywhere is close to my house.

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