Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Episode 39 - A Change of Seasons

This week's song, "A Change of Seasons" by Dream Theater, is our longest yet at just over 20 minutes.  Fortunately, special guest, Craig Miller, challenges that run time by sharing his in-depth thoughts on the band's history, their place in the greater metal oeuvre, and just how many movements it takes to describe the cycle of life and death.  All that plus Rob learns that metal artists don't just write songs about demons and magic and that not all of them are scary men who want to hurt him.

Pardon for the audio drop outs at times.  Perfect storm of wireless internet shenanigans as Craig tries to keep from waking up his son in a different room and I brilliantly hide my wireless extender under a coat.  Think it still came out pretty darn good.

Please very much enjoy!

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  1. Hey, just listened to this one and sent a link to it to one of my good friends who has been an avid DT fan since junior high school. I enjoyed hearing Craig's perspective.

  2. Now that I figured out how to "sign in," it's Jack Every who posted above... :-)

  3. Ha! Awesome, Jack! Glad you enjoyed the episode. I had no clue at all about this band so it was quite the lesson for me. Hope your friend enjoys it too.

  4. This was a really good episode. Goofball that I am I didn't realize Craig is the CraigM I've played some forum games with on Qt3 until late in the show. Which was kind of a nice reveal, but I should have known that all along.

    I love that he brought up Opeth, since as a non-metalhead that was the only thing I really knew about. They have a song "Benighted" that I'm really keen on, so it was cool to hear him bring up that group.

    Thanks again for this show, Rob.

  5. Thanks, Christien. Glad you liked it. I think Craig could easily do a volume 2 on Dream Theater and metal. I was really nervous, not being a metal fan. It was hard not to get into the song, though, probably the best part of doing the show

  6. I'd love to do a volume two, but it won't be Dream Theater when I do. I've already let you know what that hypothetical song would be ;)

    Lets just say while Dream Theater reaches me on a technical and intellectual level, this other band hits me on a deep emotional one.

    And Rob, I'm glad you liked it. I really appreciate how much you just enjoy music. I was a little nervous about how the show would go, considering this wasn't your usual fare. However you do a fantastic job of engaging and appreciating the songs. You do fantastic at bringing out your guests passion for a song.

    Keep up the great show Rob!

    1. Ooh. What a great tease, Craig! "...this other band hits me on a deep emotional one."

      Sign me up for listening to that one.

    2. Thanks, all. Craig, I'm getting scheduled up to 50 and then you and I are getting to Volume 2. So, don't make any plans for the next few months :)