Monday, July 18, 2016

Episode 52 Preview - Almost Summer

Well, despite the fact that it's actually summer, let's just pretend that it isn't 80+ degrees out and all of our lawns are still alive with the bounty of spring rains.  How about Hunter Gardner and I discuss Jason Collett's "Almost Summer" to get you in the right frame of mind.

You can find the song on iTunes, Amazon Music (free with Prime!), and Google Play.

Here's a great clip that Hunter shared with me in which Jason Collett talks about this song in person:

And, of course, the lyrics:
"Almost Summer"

Lemon gin, corn fields plowed under

Cigarettes, Southern Comfort
With your friends behind the bleachers, it's my first dance
He's gonna beat it in the high school gym

It's almost summer, almost warm enough to swim

Backyards are waiting

He's got your name, he's got your number

He's got your name, he's got your number

The sun sets across the parking lot

Walking cool with your friends
Before the ready cops even know you're in the sand
The night is waiting

Here he comes, you're a little nervous

Here he comes, well, you're getting up the courage, yeah

The music sucks

But he's your salvation
Cherry lip gloss, and you're what he's tasting, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You're in his car getting high

Pair of fuzzy dice by the dashboard light
Super toke, gets smoke in his eyes
Your head is swimming with the anticipation and suddenly

You're puking out the door with your pants around your knees

But he's a nice boy so he drops you on your street
I can't believe it
Looks like you blew it

He's got your name, he's got your number

He's driving away, I want to bomb her yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

So you stumble home

But you don't quite make it
You wake up on the lawn
Of your next-door neighbors
The sun is warm

It's almost summer, yeah

So, listen, watch, read, and join us Wednesday for the full episode.

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