Monday, August 8, 2016

Episode 55 Preview - Mr. Blue Sky

With the sun high in the sky and something of a drought on here in Massachusetts, I'm reminded of one of my favorite songs to blare out my car window on these beautiful summer days: ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky"! Honestly, this is one of the songs that I did this show to talk about.  Hope you'll enjoy listening to me do just that.

You can buy "Mr. Blue Sky" on iTunes, Amazon Music (free with Prime), or Google Play.  It's free or 99 cents so I expect everyone to buy it.

Even though the song is almost 40 years old, ELO actually put together a video in 2012! Talk about longevity.  Only downside: it features the re-recordings that Jeff Lynne created in the 2000s so it's a little different than the album version including missing the whole epilogue.  Oh well!

For discussion context, here's the first place I ever heard this song: a Volkswagon commercial.  It's some real Don Draper-level awesome.

And, of course, the lyrics:
"Mr. Blue Sky"

Sun is shinin' in the sky,
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin'
Everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day.

Runnin' down the avenue,(Pant, Pant, Pant)
See how the sun shines brightly
In the city on the streets
Where once was pity,
Mr. Blue Sky is living here today.

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why,
You had to hide away
For so long where did we go wrong.

Hey there Mr. Blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do,
Everybody smiles at you.

Hey you with the pretty face,
Welcome to the human race
A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's
Up there waitin' and today
Is the day we've waited for


Mr. Blue you did it right,
But soon comes Mr. Night,
Creepin' over, now his
Hand is on your shoulder,
Never mind I'll remember you this way.



So, listen, watch, read, and join us on Wednesday for the full discussion.

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