Thursday, December 24, 2015

Episode 25 - A Visit to the TPOS Cabin

While walking home on a snowy evening, you stop to catch your breath.  It's hard to see with such strong gusts of wind and you fear that you have become lost.  Your curse yourself for trying this shortcut through the woods and brusquely rub your tingly fingers, desperate to regain some feeling in them.

As you wonder whether you should continue on to your family's home to celebrate Christmas or surrender to your panicked mind and rush back to your lonely, one-bedroom apartment, you hear a sweet melody coming from the trees.  You head towards the siren call of music and, walking into a small clearing, you find yourself staring at a cozy little cabin.  Peering into the windows you see a warm fire; seated in an opulent computer chair is a dashingly handsome man wearing a fine set of headphones and speaking into a silver microphone.  

On the verge of collapsing into a snow drift, you grasp the small, brass handle, open the door, and enter the cabin...

(Special thanks to Bob Mackey at Retronauts for the cabin in the woods idea).

Please very much enjoy!

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