Friday, September 25, 2015

Episode 10 - Epilogue of Fun Facts

What a blast from the past this week's episode was.  Strange to say, I suppose given that every other week is its own past blast.  Requisite links to learn about Jump, Little Children on Wikipedia as well as reviews of their album, Magazine, from All Music and, with a much more sweet tone, the AV Club.  More musings and a live clip after the jump.

The AV Club review is specifically prescient in its estimation of the future of the band, exhorting readers to listen before they fade into the aether (exactly like Diana and I did!!).  "Close Your Eyes" receives special mention as a gorgeous album-closer.  If I move to Chicago, I assume I'll be able to get a job writing for them.

As I mentioned in the preview post, I was able to find a nice clip of singer Jay Clifford singing the song at a live performance.  Didn't want to use it for the pre-show song, but I hope you like seeing it now.

Man, was this song ever covered a lot on YouTube.  It's definitely one (along with "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake) that always makes me want to break out my guitar and learn more than power chords.  Well, not to toot my own horn, but I can play some out-of-tune barre chords as well when the mood strikes.

Looks like the band is doing a reunion tour in December.  Sadly, only in the South and tickets are all sold out.  Ah, well.  I'll always have their poorly-attended show at Brown University to remember.  Still, would be nice to see them again given how much their existence as a band has strangely played into my own biography.  Have you listened to the whole album yet?

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