Friday, September 4, 2015

Episode 7 - Epilogue of Fun Facts

Want to learn more about the Wu Tang Clan? Check out this handy-dandy primer from the A.V.Club to get your RZAs, GZAs, and ODBs straight.

Interested in Mr. Killah himself? After you peruse our usual Wikipedia link on Ghostface and the Ironman album, read a quick review on AllMusic.  Perhaps you'd even like to read this brief reminiscence from RZA, Ironman's producer, 10 years after the album's release.  I enjoyed these quick interviews with Ghostface on Pop Matters and the A.V. Club as well.

It's always funny how some artists can be so acclaimed, yet I still have almost no knowledge of them.  Big thanks to Mark for expanding my horizons with his song.

See y'all next week for some more guest favorites.

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